British Bakels has built up over 100 years of expertise in the commercial bakery market. In fact, many of the ingredients in bakery products you see on supermarket shelves started their lives in Bicester, Oxfordshire.

We’re now using this expertise and experience to provide a high quality, easy-to-make range of home baking mixes just for you.

Gluten Free

Our new range of gluten free mixes provide you with the benefits associated with a gluten free diet, but with the taste and appearance of gluten-containing treats! Here’s a little secret, all our mixes are low in saturated fat and lower in fat than most other mixes on the market. This is all thanks to our hard working and passionate people, many of whom have chosen to adopt a gluten free diet themselves.

Thinking outside the box

Whilst our bread mixes make a superb bread loaf, we’ve specifically developed additional recipes to make delicious alternatives such as focaccia, cookies and more, all made using typical store cupboard ingredients at home. Take a look here.

We’re driven by what you want

We are continuously working to develop new ways to make delicious home baking mixes and recipes, we would love to hear about your experiences using our mixes! Get in touch on social media and keep an eye out for products and recipes.